The Journal of doctorstrider.
Principles 10-21-12 10:17
So, I haven't wrote in a long time. But the other day at work, I accidently broke something. But I do not have a very good work history that it was easy to want to replace it and not tell them I broke it. Wife said its lie by omission, and I guess I see her point but sometimes I have such an internal battle going on, especially since I feared I would get fired because I've gotten fired at other jobs for less and if I had gotten fired, then I wouldn't have money to support my wife. It is really easy to think about "well principles could possibly not pay for heating, a home, gas, food" Its easy to feel in such a bind where one says screw some kinds of principles, which my wife told me its a slipperly slope if I say screw some principles, who says I wont say it to others, and how can she trust me if I could easily lie by omission. well, easily is a different story, cause I hate lying, and its not an easy battle that leads me to considering it. I just have a strong drive to support for my wife, which she said she rather live in a cardboard box with me if it lead to that than have me break my principles. Thats really hard for me. I just want support her with a home, food, warmth too, besides love that is. Internal battle.
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